5 “Ban the burqa” Reasons We Are Tired Of Hearing…


Any time I see an art­icle on the bur­qa, the com­ment sec­tion is rife with people demand­ing it be banned. I have noticed the same few argu­ments are recycled each time. Some of these points are going to be addressed below.

A bit of a fore­warn­ing, I identi­fy as a male. How­ever I do not feel it neces­sary to be woman to under­stand a prin­ciple as simple as; ‘it’s not up to any­one else to decide who should wear what’.

1. “It’s a secur­ity risk”

I gotta give it to the Bush admin­is­tra­tion. Once those three towers fell on that Septem­ber morn­ing in New York, they got the world think­ing in terms of ‘nation­al secur­ity’ and ‘ter­ror­ism’. States and indi­vidu­als have sold off their human liber­ties and pri­vacy in the name of secur­ity. Yet ter­ror­ism has not decreased, let alone stopped.

This logic­al insan­ity appears to have also become a reas­on why people think women should be banned from cov­er­ing up. As if show­ing your face pre­vents planes being flown into towers. Lets not address the more-than dec­ade long viol­ent war bought upon the Middle East. No. Lets focus on sub­jug­at­ing women to bur­qa laws instead. That’s going to stop ISIS.

2. “It oppresses women”

This notion is usu­ally thinly pack­aged as a pro­gress­ive view­point. It’s the idea that soci­ety should lib­er­ate women by for­cing them to undress and take away their right of choice. Oh the irony.

For­cing women to cov­er up is wrong. Just as wrong as for­cing women to uncov­er. They are both two sides of the same fas­cist coin.

Fight­ing against fam­il­ies and soci­et­ies who force their female mem­bers to cov­er up is a worthy cause. A coun­try like Iran has had a law impos­ing women to cov­er their bod­ies and hair for over 30 years. Although the law does not match the cul­tur­al her­it­age of the Ira­ni­an people, who put a lot of emphas­is on phys­ic­al beauty. Many women in Iran protest this with clev­er acts, such as hav­ing their scarf sit on their hair bun and only cov­er the back of the head. This way they are tech­nic­ally fol­low­ing the law, whilst giv­ing a massive middle fin­ger (or a thumbs up, which is the Ira­ni­an equi­val­ent) to the state.french-ban-veils-31

All humans, should be able to chose how to dress. The hijab or bur­qa should be the choice of the indi­vidu­al and no one else. Those who attempt to dic­tate either way are the real oppress­ors.

3. It’s offens­ive to my tra­di­tion­al­ist cul­ture

If I had a pound for all the times I come across some­thing along the lines of; “my grand­dad did­n’t fight in WW2 to defend my coun­try for us to let a bunch of bur­qa muz­lims take over.”

First things first. Mil­lions of Muslims served and died in both World Wars to save your coun­try. Indi­ans flew across the world and sat in blis­ter­ing cold trenches for weeks on end to pro­tect the lines of the west­ern front. Algeri­ans took the brunt of Ger­many’s ini­tial chem­ic­al attacks for the sake of France. Count­less Muslims fought and won key vic­tor­ies in Asia and Africa so you can enjoy civil liberty. Always remem­ber they have paid the price of their visas in blood.

Not to men­tion all the oil, dia­monds and gold. No one wor­ried about bur­qa when there was nat­ur­al resources to loot for the bene­fit of Euro-Amer­ica.

Secondly, no cul­ture is nat­ive or unsul­lied. Eng­lish tea comes from Sri Lanka. The Lord and saviour of Euro-Amer­ica is a Middle East­ern import. Whose moth­er is fam­ously depic­ted in a hijab. Europeans built their mod­ern empire off the found­a­tions of Asia. Just as Asia built theirs off Africa. Tra­di­tion­al­ist val­ues are already a res­ult of hybrid cul­tures. The term Anglo-Sax­on is lit­er­ally a hybrid of Scand­inavi­an Angles and Ger­man­ic Sax­ons; none of which ori­gin­ate from Bri­tain, U.S.A or Aus­tralia.

4. “It makes me uncom­fort­able”

Pub­lic dis­plays of homo­sexu­al affec­tion make reli­gious big­ots uncom­fort­able. Should we ban Adam from giv­ing Steve a kiss good­bye? Hell no.

Scantily dressed women make my grand­fath­er uncom­fort­able. Should we ban immod­est cloth­ing? Per­ish the thought.

So why should we give in to intol­er­ance when it comes to female mod­esty?

The fun­ni­est part of this rhet­or­ic is that it usu­ally comes from the anti-left­ist camp who dub any­one with pas­sion for social equal­ity as a ‘snow­flake’. Yet they seem extremely sens­it­ive and eas­ily offen­ded by a piece of cloth. Irony strikes again!

So if your uncom­fort­able, find a private safe space for your­self and don’t leave it. If a woman can wear a bikini, she should equally be able to wear a bur­qa.

5. “This is a Chris­ti­an nation not a Muslim one, they must integ­rate.”

The Queen of Eng­land often wears a head­scarf. If a woman is to vis­it the Pope, she must also wear a head­scarf. We have already men­tioned how the Chris­ti­an moth­er of god is best known for wear­ing one too. So, if you wish to ban the bur­qa, please ban these Chris­ti­an insti­tu­tions first.

If we take away the right for women to cov­er up, you risk all of our rights. So worry about your own fash­ion sense, and stay the fuck away from someone else’s.

Before we all lose.


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Merz is No Bounds’ well-being lead. A long­time hip hop head with sev­er­al years exper­i­ence in men­tal health. He is also founder of a vegan Mac & Cheese food truck @lazyboykitchen .

About Merz

Merz is No Bounds' well-being lead. A longtime hip hop head with several years experience in mental health. He is also founder of a vegan Mac & Cheese food truck @lazyboykitchen .