Already gain­ing atten­tion through a free­style that went vir­al on Tik­Tok hit­ting over 1 mil­lion views, with 1 mil­lion streams on Spo­ti­fy (before being taken down) and 500,000 streams on Sound­cloud, Ajet 2F will now release ‘Ride With 1’ as his offi­cial debut single.

‘Ride With 1’ is an inspir­a­tion­al track from Ajet 2F show­cas­ing his lyr­ic­al flow with bars about not car­ry­ing weapons, focus­sing on your career, and stay­ing men­tally aware. He por­trays his own life in a real way with his per­son­able char­ac­ter shin­ing through. The drill beat let’s his lyr­ics and flow standout, giv­ing the track Ajet 2F’s poet­ic & express­ive stance on parts of life through his eyes.

Although 2023 sees him releas­ing his debut single, Ajet 2F has been post­ing cas­u­al free­styles since 2019 on social media cre­at­ing a huge buzz lead­ing to his fan­base grow­ing and fol­low­ing him on Tik­Tok and Ins­tagram.

A pivotal moment in his career came from his inclu­sion in the vir­al 2021 Black­box Hard­est Under 18’s Cypher which accu­mu­lated over 2 mil­lion views on You­Tube. Anoth­er free­style ‘Lone Ranger’ reached #61 on the UK Offi­cial Singles Charts and along with a vir­al verse on ‘Intro’ com­bined reach­ing 13 mil­lion streams. Ellie Pro­han named anoth­er free­style ‘Flax’ as her ‘Power Track Of The Week’.

“Ride with 1 star­ted out as an Ins­tagram and Tik­Tok free­style which turned out to go vir­al. The idea stemmed from the song ‘Die Young’ by Roddy Ricch which talks about how some young people carry weapons to pro­tect them­selves from los­ing their life at an early age. I thought about this idea and related it to myself; even though I don’t want to die young, I still don’t “Ride With 1” (a weapon) as that is not rep­res­ent­at­ive of who I am or who I want to be. This con­trib­utes to a lar­ger under­stand­ing of the type of per­son I am. Des­pite mak­ing drill music, the life I live and por­tray is not that of a ste­reo­typ­ic­al drill rap­per. I also explore the desire to stay on a path where I stay far from jail or any­thing of the sort and pur­sue my music career, which iron­ic­ally starts with this song.”

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Rishma Dhaliwal

Rishma Dhaliwal

Edit­or / PR Con­sult­ant at No Bounds
Rishma Dhali­w­al has extens­ive exper­i­ence study­ing and work­ing in the music and media industry. Hav­ing writ­ten a thes­is on how Hip Hop acts as a social move­ment, she has spent years research­ing and con­nect­ing with artists who use the art form as a tool for bring­ing a voice to the voice­less. Cur­rently work­ing in TV, Rishma brings her PR and media know­ledge to I am Hip Hop and oth­er pro­jects by No Bounds.

About Rishma Dhaliwal

Rishma Dhaliwal
Rishma Dhaliwal has extensive experience studying and working in the music and media industry. Having written a thesis on how Hip Hop acts as a social movement, she has spent years researching and connecting with artists who use the art form as a tool for bringing a voice to the voiceless. Currently working in TV, Rishma brings her PR and media knowledge to I am Hip Hop and other projects by No Bounds.