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Q. What made you get into hip hop? From a very young I’ve been into music and
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Hip Hop is more than a music­al gen­re, it’s an artist­ic form of expres­sion found through
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AKALA — Mal­colm Said It. From the new album ‘The Thieves Ban­quet’ ‘The Thieves Ban­quet’ out
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I’ve nev­er done this before, I take on a new role I’m on a roll with try­ing
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The show was star­ted with the DJ mix­ing an unusu­al blend of Hip Hop clas­sics mixed
New Music: Ibrahim Sincere ‘ZION’
Zion’ is the latest track by Ibrahim Sin­cere, pro­duced by ontheD; the col­lect­ive of artists which
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Q. What made you get into Hip Hop? I think i stumbled into hip hop before I
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Music that speaks on rel­ev­ant issues is, in my opin­ion, the truest form of music. Why? Because it
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Emcee Kil­la of Cax­ton Press joined us in the stu­dio for a chat about the path
I sat down with the King him­self DMC of Run DMC in his Lon­don hotel after
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Amer­ica my dear.. Keep our souls near. Too many shirts say­ing Rest In Peace You see me as a
Lyrics: 0–100 by @TheOrator_UK
  <strong0-100 In my city unem­ploy­ment is kinda high, Thus we hustle to get by, wheth­er by